CarFax vs AutoCheck vs AutoFax

CarFax is the industry leader in Vehicle history reports. Autocheck is a close second in terms of volume. Both are used and promoted extensively in the used car industry especially by dealerships. AutoFax is a new player providing single vehicle reports at a low cost. In terms of quality of information presented in these reports all are good, with CarFax having more accurate odometer readings and maintenance records. But in terms of the core aspects, such as reporting clean/salvage titles, accidents, etc all three are equally good in terms of performing VIN checks.

Cost, discounts and coupons

CarFax is expensive - a single report costs $39.99 and a 3 pack costs $59.99 (which expires in 2 months after purchase). Autocheck is a little more affordable with a single report for $24.99 or 25 reports for $49.99 (which expires in 21 days). Usually, neither of these offer discounts, coupons or promo codes.


While both CarFax and AutoCheck provide guarantees to buyback your car if the information on the report is inaccuracy, good luck trying to actually invoke that guarantee. Most often these are reserved for major problems with the car.

Lower cost alternatives

AutoFax provides single vehicle history reports for $9.99 which is cheaper than both CarFax and AutoCheck but contains the same quality of data. You can get cheaper reports from other websites reporting data just from NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) - but they usually contain low quality data with a lot of missing information.

Our recommendation

If you are like most people, we recommend AutoFax as the VIN checker which is a good balance of price and data accuracy. If you are going to run a ton of reports in 21 days, buy the $49.99 plan from AutoCheck. If money is no object, buy the 3 pack of CarFax reports for $59.99 (the single report of CarFax is absolutely not worth it!)